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4 Florida Farms For The Most Beautiful Weddings

Farm weddings in Florida have exploded in popularity in recent years due to its wide selection of affordability options, COVID-friendly outdoor setting, and stunning natural surroundings. A gorgeous, distinctive farm is the perfect venue for a fairytale-like wedding. When it comes to farm and barn wedding locations in Florida, there are plenty to choose from. There is a place for you, regardless of your style, the size of your wedding, or your desired location and budget.

Take a look at our four favorite spots.

Chandler Oaks Barn is located near St. Augustine, Florida.

Chandler Oaks features a white-barn setting surrounded by mystical oak trees in a classy, elegant setting. A movie-like bridge, a field of farm animals, and a gazebo can all be found on the site. The inside of the barn is a bright, naturally lighted, clean white space that only requires a few pops of color in the flower arrangements to make it personalized and allow the wood craftsmanship to stand out. We adore this venue as a classy, trendy option for your country wedding fantasies, and the rustic accents of chandeliers, agricultural motifs, and 1950s vehicles and bar furnishings add to the charm.

Ever After Farms has a number of locations.

Ever After Farms is the best resource for wedding preparation, with a selection of rustic barns under its ownership around Florida. The wedding location Blueberry Barn of Central Florida is surrounded by acres of blueberry plants, giving it a vineyard vibe. Blueberry Barn has a boat and a Cinderella carriage, as well as a beautiful indoor barn and a large ethereal oak tree for the wedding. Peach Barn, a property surrounded by peach trees and offering a barn painted with a dark color palette to give it a gloomy vibe, is just a mile from Blueberry Barn. The wedding is held in a covered pavilion, and there are rustic farm tractors and a boat on the site that can be used for spectacular images. Ever After Farms also contains Vineyard Barn, which is surrounded by grape vines, Flower Barn, which is surrounded by a floral meadow, and Ranch Barn, which has a rodeo rustic vibe.

Bakers Ranch is located in Parrish, Florida.

A wooded paradise with a choice of alternatives to fit boho, formal, rustic, or classic styles is available at this site. The site offers an Enchanted Garden Chapel, an Ancient Oaks Canopy, an Infinity Forest, Pergola, or Ranch House that allows couples to mix and match elements to create the perfect wedding day that they will remember for a lifetime, with dreamy trees and hanging lights, plus outdoor ceremony setups that give off a southern charm.

Cielo Blu Barn is located in Fellsmere, Florida.

A little farm of animals is placed against an old-Florida landscape in this selection on our favorites list. This setting is ideal for a classic Florida wedding because of the large rustic barn, outdoor ceremony space tucked in the trees, and natural backdrop for photography. The proprietors take pride in their meticulous attention to detail and ability to turn each couple's idea into a reality by utilizing their garden, modern barn, and accent furnishings.


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