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Four of Central Florida's Best Glamping Locations for a Wedding

Whether you and your partner are looking for a low-cost choice or a unique place for your wedding, the glamping sites of central Florida have something to offer for every taste and style. Located near major cities such as Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, tourists will find it simple to go to these locations, and hosts will be able to provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Here are four of our favorite local venues that will help you realize your individual wedding vision on the most memorable night of your life.

The Love Lodge is located in Keysville, Florida.

In this case, the name says it all. A rustic wedding would be wonderful in this tiny Love Lodge cottage nestled among the huge trees of a Florida citrus ranch. The Love Lodge's amenities, which include a fire circle, event pavilion, and BBQ area, meet all of a couple's wedding demands while providing a calm, large location. The site can accommodate close friends and family after the event for simplicity of organizing and a full, authentic experience because it has extra area to camp and sleep.

Enchanted Oaks Farm is located in Ocala, Florida.

This is a beautiful setting on a property that has multiple tiny cottages, glamping possibilities, and an exotic animal farm. This area is genuinely unique in its offers, with everything from lakefront tiny cottages to boho style glamping sites and access to animals like zebras and goats. Close friends and family of the bride and groom-to-be will have lovely places to stay, and wedding images will include animals and majestic, overgrown trees, putting the entire wedding experience in an outdoor splendor.

River Ranch, FL - Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

This spectacular property features an outdoor gazebo, chapel, and big ballroom, as well as numerous wedding choices. Enjoy cowboy activities such as the rodeo, archery, air rifle range, horseback riding, and more after the ceremony. Guests and couples can stay in covered wagon homes, intricate luxury glamping elevated tents, classic glamping tents that keep guests away from any of nature's harsh circumstances, or huge teepees, lodges, and cottages on the property.

Geneva, FL - Danville B&B

A garden ceremony can be held next to a beautiful gazebo or beneath an old oak tree, tucked away in nature, at the Bed & Breakfast venue. What's the best part? Glamping choices are available as part of the sleeping amenities. The Yurt is, first and foremost, a circular, exquisitely built round construction erected on a platform with a bed and an inspiring creative atmosphere. The Mancave suite, which includes a loft, bar, and warming stove, as well as infinite décor and attractions to gaze at, converts a garage space into a nostalgic, memorabilia-filled experience. Finally, The Treehouse is a lit-up, tangled piece of fun architecture wrapped around an old oak, complete with a hot tub, TV, and indoor plumbing, transforming this outdoor high-rise into a true home for the night.

A notable mention for a wedding venue in central Florida is Andalusian Oaks.


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