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Full Time Photographer was started by Josh Rossi to help other photographers run successful businesses. Josh noticed that in traditional art schools the business side of photography was never taught. Once out of college students didn't know where to turn and ended up just doing photography as a hobby with huge school debt. "Those who don't do teach" someone once told Josh basically meaning that most teachers are not actually working professionals which frustrated him. Since that moment he has made it a point to not only be a successful working professional but to teach all the steps that got him to that point. Josh has done work for clients such as Adobe, Acura, LG, Mt Dew, Xerox, Wacom, Champion USA, Nickelodeon, Laura Pausini, Daymond John, Glenn Beck and Lindsey Stirling. He has been featured as one of the Top 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide by Luerzer's Archive for 2016 and his work can be seen on Good Morning America, People Magazine, Forbes, Inside Edition, Ad Week, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. To see more of Josh's work visit his website at JOSHROSSI.COM.

Photography news, glamping in Florida, weddings, events, and more.
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