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Photographers Should Take Advantage of the Florida Glamping Trend for Three Reasons

Location scouting is one of the most difficult aspects of the job for many photographers. Scenery can aid in the telling of a story and the creation of a general atmosphere for a shoot, both of which can have a significant impact on the final photos. Not to mention the fact that many photographers aim to build diversified portfolios, and visiting the same sites over and over again only results in a one-dimensional aesthetic.

A popular Florida camping trend is demonstrating great promise as a backdrop for future pictures, and Central Florida photographers should take notice. The glamping Florida trend has all the aesthetic qualities needed to create breathtaking pictures, combining the natural creativity of nature with the comfort of luxury amenities.


While some glamping sites have conventional Florida camping characteristics like wooden rocking chairs and canvas-covered furnishings, there are also many upgraded accommodations with a more modern or bohemian aesthetic.

Modernized glamping sites may capture both a cozy and elegant feel with textured fabrics, clean and crisp color palettes, strategically placed décor details, and contemporary appliances. This look is particularly popular among millennials and younger generations, and it is quickly catching on.

The rural beauty of glamping locations has attracted many engaged couples searching for a more personal and unique wedding over the last few years. While many elopements take place along the coast or in the mountains, glamping in Central Florida provides a unique backdrop of rolling hills, rivers, and cypress and pine trees.

Light from the Sun

All photographers should consider lighting because it can help portray emotion and set the tone and mood. The hues projected during a day's golden hour assist portray romance and affection, when noon brightness may be ideal for enhancing the sheer delight captured in family images.

Many photographers will agree that using natural light rather than artificial light indoors is preferable, which is another reason why glamping sites offer excellent shooting locations.

Glamping lodgings, whether a treehouse, lodge, or yurt, are tucked away in the woods. Photographers can take advantage of the outdoors' natural beauty and light while incorporating fashionable items from the hotel. A sunset photograph of a couple sitting around a campfire in front of a rustic cabin is more appealing than a couple standing alone in a field.


Glamping lodgings can also be used as photographic props. Posing can be a tedious process for photographers, but glamping lends itself to more candid photography. Glamping gives active photos that don't appear contrived, from baking smores around a bonfire to snuggling up with blankets inside a fashionable tent.

Allowing a couple or a group to enjoy the aspects of a glamping site will make it simpler to catch the participants' real grins, laughs, and interactions. These are the types of photographs that people adore, and they also serve as a means of creating memories.

Glamping venues abound in Central Florida, like Westgate River Ranch, and we advise all photographers to check them out for their next great shot.


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