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5 year old gets surprised after Captain Marvel opening night!

My daughter LOVES female superheroes and I LOVE making her superhero dreams come true. The other day she literally thought she was a superhero. She came home from school one day and told us that her friends had made fun of her because of her worn down shoes. To my surprise, she didn't seem too affected, and so I kept asking for more details. After all, she's a 5 year old who makes up a bunch of stories anyway, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

She told me that in fact she had been made fun of but instead of being sad, she told me it was ok because she was a superhero! I didn't realize the impact that my photoshoots had on her until just yesterday when I heard that. So all that being said... here is what I surprised her with...

After doing a bunch of these photoshoots, my daughter has become pretty good at posing and getting into the zone when it's time to shoot. She loves posing and "pretending" to be a superhero.

When I was young, I thought my dad was Rocky. Why? Because we are Italian and he loved that movie, he kinda looked like him too. Either way, it gave me confidence and family pride to know that my dad was Rocky! I see that the same thing is happening to Nellee. After doing these shoots with her she has definitely grown in confidence.

Here are some more images from the shoot and some behind the scenes footage...

We had her stand on a chair for this one. She defiantly knows how to get in the zone!

The costume took about 1 month and was created by the amazing Julie Whiteley

The photoshop work took me about a week. Each image normally takes 1 day to complete. My process usually goes like this...

1. I find inspiration for the image

2. Take the right photos then send them to my guy overseas to cut out

3. Create a very rough draft of all the images

4. Edit individual images then take a 30 min break

5. Finalize the photo

I decided to leave the tooth out because it's pretty hilarious for this image. This is what Nellee looks like when she's hungry.

And this is Nellee when she gets out of school with an empty stomach...

This one was Nellee's favorite!

This image was pretty lucky, mainly because it was hard for me to hold her upside down, place her arms in the right position, then have my wife take the photo and make sure Nellee was putting on a good face!

Here are some other fun ones we created from movie scenes...

To request a media kit email me at


Digital Art and Photography by Josh Rossi

Costumes by Julie Whiteley

Thanks to my wife Roxana for helping with posing, keeping kids fed, snack time, sleep time and everything else when it comes to coordinating photographing our kids!

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