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Dad Spends $1500 On 3-Year-Old’s Halloween Costume; Recreates Scenes From New Wonder Woman Movie

When it comes to Halloween costumes, some parents peruse the aisles of Target and call it a day. Others pull out the glue gun and some cardboard and create a masterpiece. Then there’s Josh Rossi. As a commercial photographer and digital artist, Josh is known for creating hyper real images, focusing on every detail to make each image come to life. So when it comes to his three-year-old Nellee’s dream of becoming Wonder Woman, Josh pulled out all the stops, spending $1500 on a hand made leather costume and props for the ultimate Halloween costume and photo shoot.

Since the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie won't be released until next summer, Josh only had the trailer as his guide. The preparation and planning of the shoot took a few months, with Josh working closely with a studio in Salt Lake City (Mcgrew's) to create a real leather, handcrafted costume of super heroic proportions. Behind the scenes, Nellee and her mom spent hours watching the movie trailer, mimicking the comic book heroine’s facial expressions, gestures and movements. Family nights centered around studying the late 1970’s TV series.

Nellee at a fitting getting ready for her big day!

The photo shoot itself took an entire day with a team that would make the Justice League envious. Shooting composites (where multiple images are shot and stitched together in post production after the shoot), each body part needed to be photographed separately.

One of the most difficult images from the 8-image series was the photo of Nellee flying in the air seen below. It took 5-6 people to hold her up and position her just right to get the shot...

Through two and a half hours of shooting, three year old Nellee channeled her inner superhero, helping her dad recreate scenes from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Nellee's dream is to do a photoshoot with the REAL Wonder Woman Gal Gadot! Watch the behind the scenes video from the shoot below, and check out more of Josh Rossi’s work on Instagram @joshrossiphoto.

Before and after images...

Check out more of Josh Rossi’s work on Instagram @joshrossiphoto.



MODEL: Nellee Rossi

COSTUME: Mcgrew Studio

PROPS: Crit Killen

HMUA: Eve Keener

MUSIC: Caleb Blood


ARTICLE BY: Hanssie Ho

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