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Epic Battle with Devin Graham


In this tutorial I will show you how to create the "Josh Rossi Effect" for that surreal painted look, create custom effects from scratch, add atmosphere using brushes, Create fog, create gunfire, matching up backgrounds using color and many other pro photoshop techniques.

1 HR 50 MIN
PRICE: $35


I will show you how to dodge and burn on body armor to create an animated and surreal look. I have cut down on time so that you will quickly understand how to recreate these pro effects.
You will learn how to create custom realistic muzzle flashes and smoke using brushes that can be found under the brushes section of the website
Create custom flames and explosions using stock images and a variety of brushes.
Shrapnel adds atmosphere and can bring an image together especially one as complex as this. I will show you how to recreate a realistic shrapnel explosion. Once you learn these simple techniques you will be able to add shrapnel to any image in no time!
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