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What some of our students are saying...

I've tried a lot of online courses and classes before, but none of them propelled me forward both personally and professionally - like FTP School did! It encompasses everything I want to learn in terms of the art, but also the business side of photography. And Josh is always sharing personal experiences, which to me is one more reason I am happy being a part of FTP School and it's community. Whoot!

Patrick Mathys Photography

Hey Josh,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how incredibly helpful your tutorials have been.


I’ve just received the largest commission of my career, and it is going to be a truly epic production, about 10 feet tall – 5 models flying through the air, cakes, cupcakes, tea service, bunnies, birds. The file will likely have hundreds of layers, and the overall “look” I wanted was similar to your “Epic Summer” image.


Even though I’ve been using PS for years now, I didn’t realize how stuck I had gotten in doing things a certain way. I learned so many little tricks from just that one tutorial. I feel more confident now than ever that I can create the image in my brain.


All the best, and thanks again,

Johanna Siegmann

Hello Josh, thought you would like to hear some progress after listening to some of the videos on FTP School…

I booked 4 weddings this week alone and working on 2 more. I was averaging normally $1,400 for weddings. They all booked for a minimal of $2500 eachFTP school has definitely got me back on the right track. And i've only finished about 10% of the course

Eric Dejuan

Booked my first $3000 wedding yesterday!! (I used to make around $1600 for a wedding) Your advice on being confident in myself has really helped!

Courtney Dolieslager

I am one of your FTP students, and I am just blown away at how relevant and incredibly helpful your videos are. I just graduated from film school from Phoenix and moved to LA. My town is full of really great talents that are terrible business people and I noticed that makes all the difference. Everyone is just thirsty to create art, and everyone gets taken advantage of. No one tells you all of these things, but you have everything I needed to hear. So even after paying your course price, I am still feeling like I am getting such a great deal for all of your golden wisdom. Because I am a photographer that can shoot video at the same quality, I have been discouraged after noticing the same pattern starting in LA as in  AZ in where people try to take advantage of my work (for "exposure") and not respecting me. So I have been seeking  out the right way to handle myself and be a better business person. Your advice feels like solid wisdom from industry friends and is worth every penny. I am motivated to take all of your lessons and make every move a strategic one from this day on. Thank you Josh!


My best,

Lanly Le

(FTP Facebook Mastermind Forum)

I just want to say i have been in this forum for only 1 day, and i have received more feedback here that was sooooooooo honest and good, its amazing. No other group or forum or website has ever been this solid on honest feedback when asked for, so to everyone in this forum, great job and its much appreciated, you all RULE! You can never get better if you never get feedback, so thank you all.


Hey Josh,


I've admired your work ever since it first caught my eye on Devin's YouTube thumbnails. I work for The Piano Guys and I know you've done some work them in the past. I recently published a project on Behance that went viral and is currently the #1 most viewed project right now. Since I published that project, I've been overwhelmed with the amount of work that I've been getting and the clients I've gotten to work with including the NBA. I saw a post on Facebook about you doing a seminar on how and what to charge clients and I couldn't have seen it at a better time! Since hearing your advice I've been able to more than triple my rates and I'm still getting consistent work.


I just wanted to give you my thanks for helping me out in that aspect. I've also learned a lot about photo compositing from you as well which has been great!


Thank you!

Addison Foote

Josh!! I did it!! Oh my goodness I am so excited, haha. All I need to do is sign and I am officially represented in Berlin, Germany and Miami. I see a lot of traveling in my future 😃 I was also booked for both projects! One being the Photographer for a high fashion (and gorgeous!) clothing line for a reality star on E! Entertainment and the second is for a fitness lifestyle clothing line of a German Tennis Professional (his clients include Antoine Walker and Sammy Sosa!! 😱). I've also been contacted by a high end Salon in Miami ISO a Photographer for their eyelash line which will be published in a few Miami Magazines. I'm just feeling SO grateful for all of these opportunities coming my way!

I honestly cannot thank you enough for your workshop, it really taught me SO much and helped give me that push I needed to pursue this "full time" which is leading to such great opportunities. You are such an amazing Photographer and human -- thank you for jumping on the phone with me earlier this week. I was SO nervous but you really eased my mind. Thank you again so so much!

Mel Volkman

I know in your webinar you said you enjoyed hearing about success stories. I have been trying to get into the business now for awhile. Well a short while by some people's standards. But after I was part of your webinar fate almost seemed to present itself. The company I work for loves my photos since they've seen them, and wanted to buy some for web use. This weekend I came up with quotes for them on 4 images with a 1 year web use only contract. Something I have Never done. I've never even booked a session unfortunately. With that said I was confident in my proposal, justification of price, and felt great about what I offered them. Today I was told before leaving work that the invoice was approved and it was sent to accounting for a payment. A $1400 sale. I've never been so confident feeling, but you answering my question that night out of all the people in the webinar gave me that boost I needed. Thanks Josh.

Pat Bryan


Holy crap dude!  I can't thank you enough for the information on the most recent webinar on going from $500 to $50k.   I recently applied those principles and tweaked who I put my images in front of.  I must say the results are staggering to me.  Normally on social media, one of my images might get around 40-50 interactions (likes) I recently did a custom tactical portrait session for a couple of guys who have influential connections.  One image alone has already reached over 20k likes! AND has been re-posted a good number of times, all giving back credit to me.  The best part though is that in less than 48 hours I have already been contacted by two companies who may be interested in working with me on their next campaign.  


Thanks for helping me clarify the direction I needed to head.  I look forward to crossing paths with you in the future so I can shake your hand.



David C.

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