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Getting Ahead of the Curve with Sean Busher

Full Time Photographer Episode 285 Getting Ahead of the Curve with Sean Busher

“Just push forward, harder and harder and harder all the time. Get in front of people and don’t have hesitation about it.”

How does conceptual advertising photographer, Sean Busher stand out from the other photographers out there?

With an impressive client list and a unique style that sets his work apart from other companies that offer CGI, Sean and Peter, the team's post-production specialist and 3D artist have carved out a niche that has gotten them “ahead of the curve.”

In this interview, Sean talks about the strategy behind how he built his business, how he transitioned into offering CGI to his clients, and how he finds new, high end clients in both the local and national market.

Sean shares how to build trust in your potential clients so you get the job. Listen and take good notes of Episode 285 with Sean Busher.

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