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Fads Come and Go, Good Business Stays

Full Time Photographer Episode 265 With Seth Lowe: Fads Come and Go, Good Business Stays

Seth is a lifestyle portrait photographer who prides himself on telling the stories of real people in real life through his images. Known for his lighting and ability to make people look natural and approachable in his images, Seth admits he is constantly evolving.

How To Make Clients Comfortable During A Shoot

Seth constantly tries new techniques for each shoot to make his clients feel comfortable. This is the key to what defines his style and makes him successful. Seth makes sure that before a shoot, he tells his subjects that it’s about them and their comfort; everything else - lighting techniques, equipment, etc., - is secondary.

Throughout the shoot, Seth advises that you be at ease with your subject as well as have them get comfortable with you. He does this by communicating with his subject, making them a part of the process and explaining the story he is trying to tell. This makes your subject involved and engaged, so they feel more responsibility to help you make it a great image.

The Power of Connecting With People

Seth loves people. He shoots lifestyle portraits because he is a people person and he gets a lot of work by putting himself in situations where he can connect with all types of people. Because of his personal connections, Seth often gets hired even if the client hasn’t seen his work. By being out at events, working, and building relationships, Seth is also building trust. People not only see him working but he talks with them, gets to know him, shares his knowledge and when these people need a photographer, they think of him.

Marketing Plan

For marketing locally, Seth takes a two-fold approach. He will find and partner with small businesses or get involved in local events so he can meet people. At these events, he gets to see who’s who,as well as begin establishing relationships so people know who he is. If Seth is marketing to larger clients beyond the local market, he first stops and asks himself, “Who do I want to be? What do I want to be known for?” Once he determines that as part of his brand, he leverages this to bigger companies and he is mindful that the images he creates reflect that. He wants people to know him as a person and not a photographer so his ultimate goal is for people to get a feel of who he is through his images.

Don’t Follow Fads

Seth advises that when building your career, learn to be patient. Don’t chase the latest trends or fads; they fade and you’ll always be chasing the next cool thing. If you want a career that lasts, figure out who you are and stick to that.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast:

  • How to make your clients feel comfortable during a shoot

  • How connecting with people will help you book jobs

  • Ways to market with little to no money

  • The importance of being true to yourself and not follow fads

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