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Xerox Parc Colorizing 


This image was create for PARC a XEROX company. Learn suttle techniques that will create life like colors from a black and white image. Within this tutorial you will be recieving a custom color pallette for skin tones that can be used on all your future work. Josh takes you through advanced colorizing and painting that will create a scene as if it were shot in color. 

1 HR 19 MIN
PRICE: $35


Learn advanced techniques including compositing, dodging and burning, colorizing and more. The hardest part about creating an image like this is that it needs to look realistic. A lot of the time digital artists will overdue it with the colors. They will over saturate, under saturate or even pick the wrong color tones for the skin and clothing. After watching this tutorial you will learn the secrets of colorizing for a real commercial client. The tutorial is split up into 3 section the intro, compositing and colorizing. 

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